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Black Cumin “The Black GOLD”

BLACK CUMIN OIL | زيت بذور الكمون الأسود – ilgusto-qatar

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Black Cumin History 

When ancient Egyptian kings, European queens, religious prophets and modern scientist come together on an issue, it’s probably worth hearing out. Although today we have more access to information than ever before, we still have a lot to learn from history.

From Hippocrates and Cleopatra, to King Tut and the civilizations that followed, a strange commonality they shared was the value they placed on a certain herb.

You may know black seeds from a variety of different names, depending on which part of the world you’re in.

Here are a few of the more popular one’s:

Kalonji Oil
Black Cumin Seed Oil
Nigella Seeds
Habbatus Sauda
Graine De Nigelle
Black Onion Seeds

Where does Black Seed Oil Come From?

You may find seeds originated from Turkey (lowest strength) or Palestine (stronger) or Egypt (the strongest)
The ingredients of black seed oil enable it to act as a multipurpose natural remedy for just about anything and everything. 

Take a look at some of it’s properties of Black Cumin:


BENEFITS Of Black Cumin Oil:

  • Heart health

The rich and unsaturated Omega 6&9 acids as well as well as the phytosterols that black seeds contain reinforce elasticity in your blood vessels walls, preventing thrombus formation and arterial pressure. Lower your cholesterol and blood sugar as well. For centuries it has been one of its most praised benefits

  • Fungal infections 

Fungal infection occur when a bacteria grows on top of your skin, resulting of different variety of skin diseases and rashes. Research shows that fungus and molds cannot co-exist with the compounds found in black seeds

  • Allergies (Sinus infections)

Quickest relief for allergies is proven to be with black seed oil

  • Skin

Heals cracked skin, chapped lips. Improves overall tone and texture of your skin in a flash with all the essential fatty acids, antioxidants and amino acids. Perfect moisturizer, strong natural UV protectant, anti-aging properties, wrinkles reducer, crows feet, saggy skin, eye bags etc. Natural UV protector. Leaves healthy natural youthful glow on your skin. Clears up bruises and hickeys fast

  • Skin cancer (melanoma)

Cancer is a result of DNA mutations multiplying too quickly for your immune system to catch up. Caused mainly by inflammation, the thymoquinone and thymohydroquinone properties, black seed oil has been proven to prevent and treat many different types of cancer, including skin Melanoma. This is again due to the potent anti-inflammatory and anti bacterial properties it contains – the two main properties of black seeds

The way they work is by targeting your white blood cells, thereby boosting your immune health and killing cancer cells

  • Acute Acne

Acne is a direct result of inflammation on the skin, which causes breakouts. With its powerful regenerative and anti inflammatory properties, black seed oil cleanse deep and leave your skin healthy with even skin tone, texture and soft natural glow

  • Fertility Booster

Infertility can have variety of different causes, one  is infections at birth or after, another is inflammation. Both can be cured by black seed oil. Not to mention, black seed oil increase sex drive and act as natural aphrodisiac.

  • Hair & Scalp, Dandruff

Black oil restore thin hair, act as a natural moisturizer, help damaged hair re-grow healthy, acting as powerful anti-oxidant, natural remedy for premature gray hair

  • Flu’s and Fever Reducer

With its potent anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and immune system boosting properties black seed oil will get you up and running in no time

  • Boils and Carbuncles

Boils are caused from bacteria which powerful anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of black seeds make vanish

  • Asthma and Bronchitis

Two of the more prominent uses of black seed oil

  • Diarrhea relief

Since mostly diarrhea is caused by viral infections black seed oil make a perfect natural home remedy.

  • Insomnia and other Sleeping disorders

Promotes natural deep sleep

  • Muscle Cramps and Spasms

Anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory agents help the fast relieve either internal or topical

  • Nausea and Upset Stomach 

With just a drop or even the aroma of the oil is enough. Common recipe for nausea is mixing 2-3 drops to 1 tsp black seed oil with 1 tsp ginger juice twice a day. Pressing the dimple of your upper lip gives immediate relief for nausea

  • Toothache and Gum infections, Dry mouth

To relieve pain or soreness, rub your gums with the oil for 20 sec then sit back and enjoy the anti-oxidants do the work. For infected, bleeding gums, swish 1 tsp, start  with 30 sec – 20 min

  • Leukemia 

Black seed oil has anti-proliferative effects in human myeloblastic leukemia HL-60 cells. This again can be traced back to the thymoquinone it contains that makes it such a powerful remedy

  • Liver & Cervical Cancer

Mainly for its thymoquinone the oil contains, boosting white blood cells count, kills and inhibits cancer cells and prevent from reproduction

  • Breast Cancer 

When taken in continuous  treatment with cleanse and dieting, it shows powerful cancer inhibitor suppressor. Has to be taken in larger doses, every 2 hours with manuka or other potent pure organic honey and ginger juice

  • Colon Cancer & Oral Cancer

The thymoquinone and anti-oxidant properties make the oil make for powerful scavenger abilities

  • Pancreatic Cancer & Lymphoma

Lymphatic cancer is a very painful disease that affect millions worldwide. Studies show that black cumin is very effective in removing lymphatic cancer cells (1-2 tsp daily)

  •  Psoriasis, Eczema

Caused mainly by inflammation all skin conditions can be fast relieved and cured by simply taking 1-2 tsp daily internally, also topically for faster results

  • Obesity & Metabolism

Achieving a desirable weight and body shape, it  has to start gradually with metabolic balance. The anti-oxidant properties of black seed scavenge and detox to balance and heal the body, blood sugar drops so you can take control of your proper healthy diet and life. Since obesity is usually associated with increased incidence of immune dysfunction, insulin resistance, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, with its anti-obesity properties black oil makes it perfect remedy

  • Diabetes

Its ability to significantly lowering blood pressure makes black seed powerful tool fighting and preventing diabetes or just improving your overall blood health. Prevent kidney damage associated with diabetes

  • Seizures (Epilepsy)

Most of today’s medication and treatment for seizure come with a long list of side effects (that’s if you are the one of the few lucky ones with access to treatment). Fortunately, black seed is a natural anti-convulsant. Some researchers have been shown seizure free behavior after as little as 4-6  weeks with black seed oil. This was mainly due to the potent effect of thymoquinone

  • Tonsil Inflammation (Acute Tonsillopharyngitis)

Definitely one of the most effective natural remedy for throat related issues

  • MRSA Treatment

Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) has plugged hospitals and treatment centers due to the fact that staff infections are becoming more and more resistant to generic antibiotics. More problematic for elders, MRSA can bring a lot of uncontrollable pain throughout the body. Black seed can inhibit the spread and completely remove MSRA. Of all the infections that black seeds are known to help treat, this is probably one of the most important

  • Opiate Addiction

Taking black seed oil has been proven to rapidly improve the symptoms of acute opiate withdrawals and prevent relapse, morphine toxicity and dependency

  • Scars

Whether they are surgical or not, the oil makes a strong remedy for clearing scars away. It’s one of the only few natural herbs that  has been proven to remove and heal scars permanently

  • Radiation Damage

Studies show that black seeds oil that was used on patients who were exposed to gamma radiation had far less to none damage than those that  didn’t consume any. People exposed to radiation should be aware of this natural way of prevention and post treatment

  • Lead Poisoning

Known as one of the most toxic source worldwide, lead can interfere with number of your body processes, causing harm to your heart, intestines, kidneys, nervous system, bones, reproductive system. Black seed can even go further, preventing and reversing damage done to the brain due to lead poisoning

  • Hair

Consuming and applying oil to the scalp will make your hair thicker and healthier, will stop and reverse premature gray hair, clears up dandruff

  • Bee, Wasp & other Stings & Bites

Rub on affected area twice a day for 20 sec, repeat twice a day if necessary

  • Chest Congestion, Bronchitis & Heartburn

Rub straight on chest or mix with honey to clear congestion build up, can be taken orally for faster results. Again, 1 tsp twice a day.  For heartburn, rub on stomach and drink 1 tsp straight. F

  • Earache

Black  oil with olive oil (½ tsp each), warmed and dripped in affected ear, cover with a hat or scarf for 2 min and let it sit

  • Vision

For eye infection, pink eye or just improve vision, dab a drop around the eyes before sleep. Don’t wash out immediately in the morning, sun gaze for 5-10 min. Take 1 tsp twice a day orally, swish some before bed, spit, but don’t rinse for at least 30 min

  • Facial Paralysis & Nasal Infection

In a container, place small amount of the oil and hover it with your nose, gently sniffing above the surface of the oil. Take 10-20 deep breaths, repeat daily. Works for paralysis and nasal infections

  • Liver and Gallstones

Mix black oil with honey for best results, take it twice a day (1 tsp each)

  • Constipation, Stomach Stress and Gas buildup

Take 1 tsp straight after a meal

  • Headaches and Migraines 

Apply around the eyes, nose and forehead. Gives immediate release form throbbing pain

  • Breastfeeding and Lactation

Not only help breastfeeding by improve lactation, taken orally, massaging on nipple skin protect and heal inflammation

  • Memory Booster, Dementia

Black seed oil consumption improves memory, sharpness, cognition and attention

  • Moles

One of the less known uses of black seed in removing mores, by suppressing their development and clearing up the skin

  • Natural UV protector

It protects from UV radiation and sunburns, help relief if damage has been already done

  • Back, Muscle and Rheumatic pain relief 

Internally, best mix with honey

  • Nose Bleeds 

1-3 drops in nostrils

  • Burns

Apply directly on affected area. Gives immediate relief, hear and rejuvenates the skin

  • Gynecological disorders

Regulates menstrual cycles, manage disorders like leucorrhoea, PMS, sexual weakness

  • Ulcers

Treat ulcers of all types

  • Alzheimer, Depression and Anxiety

For less than 30 days, if taken daily 1 tsp twice a day, you will stabilize your mood, prevent and treat Alzheimer by taking the initial inflammation down to minimum without the need of anti-depressants way faster, permanently and more effective

  • Infertility

Black seed oil taken daily improves sperm count in men in only 2 months, again 1 tsp oil twice a day (less is more)

  • Bone Cancer & Bone Marrow

Increase bone marrow cells’ growth by the astonishing 150% rate and inhibit the growth rate of nearly all tumor cells by at least 50%

  • HIV

Taking black oil is proven to be extremely effective in HIV treatment. In most cases takes only 6 months for the HIV strains to be completely wipe out of patients blood stream, permanently!

  • Colic

Colics for babies can be treated very fast. Important is that the oil has to be taken in small quantity and gradually raise up. 1-3 drops to start, increase to 3-5 drops in a cup of lemon tea, let cool off, light honey has to be added

  • Prostate and Bladder 

For centuries black seed oil has been used to promote prostate health, including treating prostate cancer. For over 2000  years this striking herb has been used to stimulates and urine production, promote overall health, treat and prevent effectively prostate and bladder issues

  • General Weakness (Lethargy) & Chronic Fatigue

Many of us experience mental lows in our lives, on top of the physical ones. Although the cause for chronic fatigue can vary, for a boost in spirit, mood and overall mood and health, nothing beats the black oil. It’s one of the most potent remedies known to improve overall state of health, both mental and physical.

  • Anemia

Many of us are at risk of blood deficiency (anemia), especially the teens, the young adults under school stress, peer pressure,  busy moms and women in general when overwhelmed, not in balance and under stress. This is serious problem that can be prevented and treated effectively with black cumin oil

  • Parkinson’s disease

Black cumin oil can effectively protect the brain from Parkinson’s disease damage. The thymoquinone extract found in the herb is proven to protect the neurons in our brain against synaptic toxicity (which is caused by a pathology related to Parkinson’s and Dementia)

  • Cleanse Parasites, Powerful Detox

Known for its anti-parasitic properties, black seed is a very powerful for cleansing parasites out of your body. It does that by intoxicating the parasites, make them weak and easier for the body to kill and extract them naturally

  • Deep Clean Pores

One of the results of weak immune system is the buildup of excess sebum which clogs your pores. Simply consume orally, or apply the oil on the area after shower, will be fully cleared up within 2 weeks of daily use

Number of benefits black seed has to offer is overwhelming and exciting. While some may think its completely impossible simple herb to treat so many dangerous diseases, its so normal and way safer to finally go back to nature for cure, also the facts can speak for themselves.

The Aftermath

The amount of values simple herbs can offer In exchange for so little is what amazes me.

Just the thought that pharmaceutical companies are raking in billions in developing long treatment cycles for most of the ailments discussed above is sickening. No wonder the pharmaceutical industry  is called The DEAD INDUSTRY

You can find high quality organic cold pressed Black Cumin originating either Turkey, Palestine or Egypt (best potency) in a form of capsules or oil for internal or topical uses (preferred)


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