If you are someone always curious in life (before & after), never stopped learning, asking questions, experimenting – you are not alone!

Wonder why I do it – why I wont let myself age, get bored in the process and share it with you?

To be honest, its more of a selfish reason – to let it all out, keep track of the journey, structure it, connect with someone in need, inspired by someone like me, someone different, someone better! – That’s it!

And I am so positive, that if I can do it, everyone can and will do what I do! Because its working – has to be working for you too, if you put your mind and your heart to it!

Bottom line: I need YOU and YOU to be my workout buddy in this journey …!

How it all started for me? Past life maybe, probably will never know, but since started understanding TIME or the lack of it, may say – all starts NOW, and … NOW with every breath taken.

So, breath deeper, take ur time, feed the last cell of your body, your brain, your mind, your curiosity!

AGE – same as TIME – can’t be measured, and its not linear!

AGE is just an infinite MAZE of
never ending …. beginnings:)

So, why not start our days with passion, love for each other, anything that can make a positive impact on someone’s life!