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Radiation – “The Good, The Bad & The Ugly”!

Radiation Nation

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Is there a good radiation in a first place?

Although some say “Good Radiation is NO Radiation”, there is Radiation hormesis. It is the stimulation, often considered to be beneficial, from low doses of ionizing radiation. Large doses are harmful, though!

OK, your yearly radiation exposure is 620 millirems (.62 rems), according to the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP), for the average person living in the United States. About half of this radiation is from environmental sources, and about half is from man-made sources.

Common environmental radiation exposure is from the atmosphere, the ground and even your body. Common man-made radiation exposure is mostly from medical sources: X-ray machines, medical devices and procedures. It’s good to be aware of where radiation comes from and reduce our exposure to it when possible.

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There is a difference in the amount of radiation we are exposed to when flying in an airplane than when going about our lives at ground level. When on an airplane, we are not as protected by the earth’s atmosphere, and most of the extra radiation we are exposed to comes from either outer space or the sun.

In general, space radiation, also known as galactic rays or galactic cosmic rays, is higher in energy than solar radiation (from the sun). Higher energy radiation can cause more cellular damage to our bodies.

The aircraft, in itself, is made up of hundreds of electronics that help it function. Add that to the hundreds of smartphones, tablets, laptops and other EMF-emitting gadgets that passengers bring with them on the plane, and you’ve got yourself a potential health risk.

For most healthy people, frequent fliers included, taking long haul flights is not enough to cause any health risks. However, for those individuals who are predisposed to cancer, exposure to even a small amount of EMF can mean trouble.

Here are some factors that affect how much radiation we are exposed to: 

Clouds are the predominant atmospheric condition that determines the amount of solar radiation that reaches the earth. For any given location, there is less solar radiation reaching the earth’s surface the cloudier it is. A cloudy day offers protection from solar radiation. This is something we all have heard when trying to prevent a sunburn on a sunny day.

In general, more solar radiation is present in the middle of the day than during either the early morning or late afternoon. At midday, the sun is positioned high in the sky and the path of the sun’s rays through the earth’s atmosphere is shortened. At midday, a shorter path to the earth means less solar radiation is scattered or absorbed by other objects (such as clouds) and more solar radiation reaches the earth’s surface. At night there is no solar radiation because there is no sun.

Chronic radiation exposure

There’s a delay in health effects seen from chronic exposure to radiation, because exposure to radiation adds up over time. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), effects from chronic radiation exposure can include cancer, benign tumors, cataracts and possibly harmful genetic changes.

There is a suggestion of low level exposure and cancer. However, this area is still being researched. It’s more difficult to scientifically research this area because of the delay between when radiation exposure occurs and when health effects are seen.

Radiation facts

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  • The average US person is exposed to 620 millirem of radiation per year. 
  • The annual public dose limit is 100 millirem of radiation per year, according to the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).
  • An average domestic flight is about one millirem (.94 millirem) of radiation dose according to an American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) report. 
  • One round-trip transatlantic flight is a little more than three dental X-rays or one full body X-ray

Here are some things that affect how much radiation there is:

  • Distance. Radiation increases with altitude—how high you fly. The higher you fly, the more radiation exposure you get. 
  • Time. The longer you are in the airplane, the more radiation you are exposed too.
  • Flight path. Radiation levels are higher at the equator. The closer you fly to the equator, the higher your radiation exposure.

Here are some things you can do about it:

  •  If possible, avoid midday flights. Fly early in the morning, late in the afternoon or at night. Night is the best because there is no solar radiation at night. (It’s night, right?)
  • Avoid full body scan – anyway they are banned from most airports already
  • Try not to stay on long lanes closer to STA scanners
  • Take smaller planes – they fly at lower altitudes.
  • Choose the shortest path to your destination. This lowers the time you’re at a higher altitude, and therefore lowers your radiation exposure levels.
  • If on a longer flight, pick a flight path farthest from the equator.
  • Eat lots of berries (all kinds of berries). They are high in antioxidants and fight free radical cell damage. Blueberries, goji berries, strawberries, blackberries, cranberries — all are very high in antioxidants.
  • Dark chocolate is a excellent antioxidant — and decadent.
  • Go a little nuts! Walnuts, pecans, almonds and peanuts are all good antioxidants. Better to soak them, best to sprout!

Dried berries, dark chocolate and nuts — trail mix!

  • Dark green leafy greens smoothies or salads (spinach, broccoli and kale — all of these leafy greens are full of antioxidants)
  • Have a cup of tea. Green tea is a great antioxidant. This Matcha is the best so far (no bitter taste, comes in convenient sachets)
  • Grab SAMe (S-adenosylmethionine) supplements. SAMe is naturally occurring in our bodies and is involved in many metabolic processes — including the immune system and, more specifically, cell membrane repair.
  • Take a bath.  Take time to relax after the stress of flying. Relaxing will allow for optimal immune function. The immune system is responsible for repair of free radical damage in our bodies. If available, use Epsom salts, which contain magnesium sulfate. There is some evidence that you can absorb it through your skin, and magnesium is used in many body functions. We want our whole body to be functioning well.
  • Astaxanthin is the most powerful antioxidant  providing free radical and radiation protection.
    • When it comes to free radical scavenging, it is 64 times more powerful than vitamin C and 14 times more powerful than vitamin E.
    • It is a UVB absorber and can therefore reduce the DNA damage by flight radiation
    • It is a natural anti-inflammatory agent
    • It acts like a natural internal sunscreen and reduces your susceptibility to sunburn

Protect yourself

Here’s how you can protect yourself from EMF radiation during long haul flights:

1. Use a laptop shield.

Long haul flights are good opportunity to catch up on work, watch a few movies and binge watch the TV series that you’ve been neglecting on your laptop. These portable computers emit EMFs in many different frequencies, and these EMFs can be extremely harmful.

Invest in a protective stand like the Vest Laptop Radiation Shield, that is made of non-grain oriented silicon steel and high conductivity aluminum sheet, minimizing radiation exposure. It reduces radiation exposure by up to 92% and is FCC Certified Laboratories tested and proven. It has a contemporary and organic design that fits laptop sizes up to 16.5”. 

Again, I am not affiliated with the VEST company

2. Get the right headset.Image result for vestteck emf earbuds

A good, functional headset is one of the key elements that help passengers survive a long haul flight. It is a must-have in people’s daily commute, even more so when flying across time zones.

Regular headsets significantly increase your exposure to radiation emitted from the phone because of the metal wiring in it that conducts EMFs. The Vest Anti-Radiation Headset incorporates a hollow flexible air tube, reducing your EMF radiation exposure by up to 98%

3. Use a protective wallet case for your smartphone.

Smartphones are ubiquitous tools during flights because they can be used to watch movies, listen to music, play games, purchase duty free products, and many more.

Use a protective wallet case to shield you from the EMF radiation coming from your smartphone.  Vest Anti-Radiation Wallet Case, for instance, is a high quality PU leather wallet case that provides a 360-degree protection to both you and your phone. It is integrated with aluminum laminated foil. Together with an aluminum net, this composite successfully minimizes your exposure to radiation emitted from the mobile phone.

It has three card slots for credit cards, ID, and more, and also has a full-length inner pocket for additional storage for all your different currencies. The wallet case gives you complete access to all ports, buttons, camera, speaker, and mic so you can still use it in-flight.

It is available for iPhone SE / 5 / 5s iPhone 6-6s, iPhone 6-6s Plus, iPhone 7+, Samsung Galaxy S6 / S7 / S7 Edge, S8 / S8+, LG G4 / G5 and Huawei Nexus 6P.

4. Pregnant passengers should wear a protective band.

Long haul flights can be uncomfortable for pregnant women because they have to be seated in a cramped space for hours. Not only that, flights are like EMF radiation free-for-alls, and long exposures can pose risks for the fetus.

Pregnant moms can wear the Vest Anti-Radiation Belly Band, which creates a safe environment for the embryo to develop during pregnancy. It minimizes the embryo’s exposure to everyday radiation, while protecting it from all potentially harmful effects of exposure to electromagnetic radiation at this vulnerable stage of life.

The belly band reduces radiation exposure by up to 100%, tested and proven by FCC Certified Laboratories. It is soft and comfortable to wear, even for long haul flights.

5. Use anti-radiation blankets for infants and kids.

Traveling with kids can be a challenge, even more so when their health is at risk  due to EMF radiation exposure. During long haul flights, airlines usually provide a thick blanket to protect passengers from the frosty, pressurized air. While these blankets don’t do anything to protect your kids from EMF exposure, the Vest Anti-Radiation Baby blanket does. It is embedded with silver fiber, successfully minimizing radiation exposure, and 100% cotton providing a baby-soft touch.

You can use it under a normal blanket for bigger kids, or drape it over the baby bassinet if you’re flying with an infant.

For most people, air travel and the EMF exposure risks that comes with it, cannot be avoided. The best thing to do is to proactively find solutions to limit the health risks that comes with EMF radiation every time they hop on the plane. Start with the five protective products mentioned above to make your long haul flight more pleasant but safer as well.

It’s good to be aware of the influences of our environment. While some natural background radiation is unavoidable — it’s just part on living on planet earth — there are radiation exposures where you do have a choice. We recommend looking at how much you fly. Also what is your current state of health? Do you have any special concerns? All of these factors go into how you respond to radiation exposure. 


1. Avoid electric blankets, water beds, electric heating pads

2. Move the clock away or get a battery-powered clock

3. LED flat screen TVs are the best option; old-style TVs give off more radiation, and so do plasma flat screen TVs

4. Fix wiring problems by measuring the fields in your home (A wide range of devices are available via or Note that some of the less expensive devices have limitations)

5. Unplug electrical devices within 6 feet of the bed

6. Unplug electrically operated beds

7. At Night use red Infra Red Incandescent light or Sleepy Baby bulb for melatonin stimulation

8. During The Day use white “biological LED” Lighting Science to stimulate circadian rhythm, not disrupt it, or GoodDay engineered to provide light energy largely missing from conventional LED, fluorescent and incandescent sources, specifically providing a rich white illumination with high color rendering inspired by morning sunlight that supports alertness, mood and performance.

9. Install Iris on all monitors to block blue light, radiation and free radicals coming out of your devices

10. Do not overuse sunglasses to stimulate melatonin production naturally

11. Use blue light blockers : Swannies – untinted, anti-glare glasses that can block the higher range of the blue light spectrum

12. Do bentonite cleansing once/twice a month or more depending on your exposure

13. Take Epsom salt baths

14. Use Himalayan Salt Lamps, candle holders, salt walls – before bed preferably, again to boost melatonin production, that has been blocked by the blue light emitted from all electronics at home

15. Use anti-radiation stickers (shungite) or (negative ion) that can be placed on your phone, laptop, PC, microwave, TV, printer, all electronics

EMF Anti-radiation sticker


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Shungite plate, pyramid, bracelet
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EMF Stickers

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