Need EMF protection? Shungite offers full radiation body protection in convenient and stylish pyramid form, from trusted source!


Shungite Pyramid Rare Unpolished 50 mm (2 in)

Natural EMF Protection and Healing

100% Rare Authentic Shungite directly from Zazhoginsky mine – Karelia, Russia

Size: 1.97 inch – 50 mm

How to use?

  • General use

Find a comfortable place to set the pyramid that you spend from 2 hours or more.

A suggestion would be to set the pyramid near your bed (not more than 50 cm or 20 inches away from you), set it between you and the source of radiation (computer, TV, electronic equipment, outlet, charger, microwave, fridge, router, etc.).

When it’s set near the pyramid jewelry, coins, and valuables are cleaned of negative energetic fields eliminating the “energetic virus”.

A Shungite pyramid placed in water activates it and makes a unique medicine.

  • In water

Put the pyramid on the bottom of water container, after 48 hours it is ready for external and internal use.

The water will be biologically active. You should use 100 gr of shungite for 1 liter of water.

For medical purposes, It’s suggested to take 100-150 g of the pyramid water 3 times a day, regardless of meals: your general condition can improve, nervous pressure can be removed, and the inflow of energy will be regulated.

It’s easier to obtain a steady remission of some chronic diseases of gastrointestinal tract, liver, kidneys, and metabolic processes when using Shungite water.
With the help of the Shungite water, skin diseases can be cured much more easily, as well as pouring it’s beneficial water on your head can decrease hair loss.  Hair can turn resilient and healthy looking. The skin on your face can rejuvenate, wrinkles begin to disappear, and skin elasticity can be restored.
Most importantly thing for humans living under constant stress and strain of unfavorable, and ecological conditions, is the regeneration characteristics of the Shungite stone. Shungite stone can restore vitality in the human body.

Why Shungite?

  • Relieve headaches

  • Backaches

  • Rheumatism

  • Remove neuralgic problems

  • Normalize sleep

  • Stabilize blood pressure

  • Clear respiratory tract problems

  • Sexual endurance

Note: Shungite is a fragile and soft stone. Jewelry of shungite might  break if dropped on hard surfaces, so please handle with care! Real, authentic shungite stone, mined from from Zazhoginsky mine – Karelia, Russia has highest percentage carbon content, so black discharge is normal, do not be alarmed!

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