SHUNGITE Pendant (Solid Circle)


Need radiation protection? Shungite stone offers emf barrier and overall balance and healing at home, office, on the road!


Shungite Pendant (Solid Circle) Authentic High Carbon Content for EMF Protection & Healing Rare 100% Authentic Shungite directly from Zazhoginsky mine – Karelia, Russia.


  • Ancient Healing

Pendants of Shungite is not only attractive thing but some kind of Stone Therapy is known as an ancient healing art that was just recently rediscovered, but its age is more than 5 billions years This is a true medicine created by the nature.
  • Homeostasis

Shungite stone by giving its electromagnetic energy and Mother Earth healing power to you, virtually ‘feed’ the person, brings balance and alleviate chronic and acute problems, and assists your body in self healing.
  • Lymphatic System

It improves work of lymphatic and immune systems
  • Heart Health

Normalizes blood pressure and body functions
  • Neuro-Protective Properties

It also affects the sensory system which stimulates production of neuro-chemicals that brings sense of well-being.
  • Protection from Radiation

The stone is acting as a shield, protecting human biofield by neutralizing the negative impact of different types of electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic radiation  


Shungite is a fragile and soft stone. Jewelry of the stone might  break if dropped on hard surfaces, so please handle with care! Real, authentic shungite stone, mined from from Zazhoginsky mine – Karelia, Russia has highest percentage carbon content, so black discharge is normal, do not be alarmed!

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