Shungite bracelet with 16 matt beads

100% Rare Authentic Shungite directly from Zazhoginsky mine – Karelia, Russia

Quantity of beads: 16

Length: adjustable 18cm (7 inches)

Why Shungite?

  • Magic Properties

Lots of legends are told about the healing and magic properties of this Karelian mineral that can restore your spiritual balance and vital energy, heal lots of diseases and strengthen your health as well as protect from technogenic radiation and external negative influence on your karma.

Accessories made of dull-black gems have a really exceptional power neither luxury nor glitter of the jewelry can be compared to.

  • Therapeutic effect

The beneficial effect of shungite bracelets can be explained by so-called magic spots located on the wrists. If you slightly touch some of them it will cause pacifying effect; when you touch the others it may increase your activity. When embracing your arm, the bracelet gems have an even effect on the human energy centers and functional systems.

Shungite bracelets are specially recommended for high pressure, neuralgic, muscular and articular pains, cardiac insufficiency, allergic diseases, sleep disorder and stresses. You can observe positive effect during the first days especially with the blood pressure changes and acute ailments and disorders. Your general state improves, pains and aches disappear while vivacity and emotional poise get back.

Absolutely healthy people can wear shungite bracelet as well for prophylactic purposes. Moreover, there is a well-known pulse-taking spot on the wrist: when getting in contact with it, the gems activate your self-realization abilities and increase your creative potential.

  • Personal amulet

Ancient wise men and healers knew well about the exceptional qualities of shungite and made powerful amulets against evil eye and dark powers from it. Modern practicing esoteric experts also use this miraculous Karelian mineral to make magic amulets that bring good luck in business, private life and creative undertakings.

The present bioenergetic research proves that shungite bracelets can neutralize all kinds of external negative influence, clear the human karma and harmonize the environment.

  • Universal jewelry

Both men and women can wear bracelets made of Karelian shungite. It is surprisingly light and comfortable: you skin feels pleasant warmth only. If possible, don’t take this magic jewelry item even at night and your sleep will be really sound and peaceful.


Shungite is a fragile and soft stone. Jewelry of shungite might  break if dropped on hard surfaces, so please handle with care! Real, authentic shungite stone, mined from from Zazhoginsky mine – Karelia, Russia has highest percentage carbon content, so black discharge is normal, do not be alarmed!  

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