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Liph Solutions 1 oz. Soothing Face Gel


  • About this item Works especially good around eyes, mouth, neck and forehead. Leaves skin soft, smooth and silky. Contains our proprietary “Core” Silica based ingredient. Silica based formula that helps nourish the skin. Generally ships same day when order is placed by 3 PM CST. Check out our new blog on our company website..
  • Imported from USA.

Liph (pronounced Life) is our specially formulated, patent
pending high pH, oxygen rich liquid silica. We have spent the
last ten years testing Liph at leading laboratories and major
Universities. This testing has proven our product works and our
science/abstracts have been printed in the Federation of American
Societies for Experimental Biology journals and presented at the
annual meetings for the Society for Free Radical Biology and
Medicine. With today’s fast paced lifestyles we don’t always take
care of ourselves like we should. Stress, disease and age often
take a toll on our systems and depletes the very things we need
to stay healthy and feel younger. Combine the benefits of silica,
alkalinity and oxygen and we have a product that does amazing
things inside and outside of your body. Our Soothing Face Gel is a custom blended formula
that helps with age lines and wrinkles. Recommended use is around
eyes, mouth, neck and forehead. Leaves skin smooth and silky.