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LipH Ultimate pH Balance Immune Booster 2.0 fl/oz 60ml

You are getting 1 bottle/2 oz/fl LipH concentrate that can make 1 gallon of diluted ready to drink liquid
Just add the whole bottle to a gallon of purified water (plastic jug) and refrigerate after mixing with water
NOTE: Its very important to be PLASTIC not glass jug of water, because the concentrate can interact with glass particles!!!
You can take up to 10-12 tbsp per day, remember to pour it in plastic cup as well!!!
Can be taken on its own, only with water or with juice
For maintenance, take 2-5 drops straight from the 2.0 oz bottle, in any liquid daily indefinite

·Silicon-based alkaline solution with a pH of 13.7
·Strong Immune booster
·Repair damaged DNA in cells
·Prevent skin aging
·Stabilize growth factor
·Boost the natural skin cell creation
·Improved medication efficacy and reduced chemotherapy side effects when taken with LipH
·Not a medicine, not intended to treat, cure, diagnose
·Act and intended as a Dietary Mineral Solution
·Tested and Researched at Texas Universities and Specialized Independent Laboratories.
·Maximize Your Immune System. Rich in antioxidants.

KETO, Vegan, Non-GMO, Organic, Pure, Gluten & Soy Free

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