Need breakthrough sustainable healing regimen? This book is complete manual for your optimal health, and not another fad diet!

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“GIVE US 7 WEEKS AND WE’LL GIVE YOU 7 YEARS BACK!” (The True Breakthrough Diet)

Well, this book kind of speaks for itself, but only at a first glance.

Here you will get important info on nutrition and habits you need for developing long lasting healthy regimen not only to lose those extra pounds, but for overall health, self-esteem, stamina, brain health, healthy skin, anti-aging and cell regeneration!

This breakthrough diet will help you lose over 20 pounds in only 7 weeks, and something priceless as a bonus “Turning back the clock”.

Created by Good Housekeeping’s trusted editors, the book is based on antioxidant-rich foods with a variety of anti-aging qualities.

Follow this program, and you’ll not only look better, feel stronger and more energetic, but also lower your risk of hearth diseases, diabetes, cancer, and osteoporosis.

Plus, the diet include foods that promote collagen production and provide protection at a cellular level, helping your skin appear firmer and brighter.
The detailed and delicious meal plan takes all the guesswork out of eating right. With more than 90 easy recipes to choose from, the plan was specially devised with the goal of filling you up, keeping your blood sugars table, and quashing hunger.

In addition to the recipes, there are plenty of other smart techniques and ideas to keep you on the right track: easy exercises that optimize fat-burning and combat the aging process; healthy meal options to order when you drop by any of fast food restaurants; and motivating tips from our 26 test panelists, who lost a combined 325 pounds and 105 inches.

Take the 7 Years Younger Diet Pledge today (page 19) – start your journey with us, looking and feeling lighter, slimmer, sexier and younger!