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Liver Health

Liver Health

Elevated bilirubin in adults


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Causes and Treatment

Gene deficiency : 

The two most common inherited liver diseases are hemochromatosis and alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiencyHemochromatosis is a disease in which deposits of iron collect in the liver and other organs. The primary form of this disease is one of the most common inherited diseases in the U.S. — up to one in every 200 people has the disease, many unknowingly. When one family member has this disorder, siblings, parents, and children are also at risk. 

A secondary form of hemochromatosis is not genetic and is caused by other diseases, such as thalassemia, a genetic blood disorder that causes anemia

The iron overload associated with hemochromatosis affects men more often than it does women. Because women lose blood through menstruation, women are unlikely to show signs of iron overload until after menopause. Hemochromatosis is more common in people of Western European descent. 

Liver disease: 

It is the liver’s job to process bilirubin and convert it into bile. When a person has liver disease, the ability of the liver to complete this process becomes impaired. This can cause bilirubin to build up. Liver diseases include viral hepatitis, cirrhosis, and Gilbert syndrome.

Bile duct and gallbladder disease: 

Bile made from bilirubin in the liver is sent to the gallbladder. If your gallbladder is sick or if you have a bile duct blockage, this can cause elevated levels of bilirubin. Other conditions that can lead to elevated bilirubin include tumors of the gallbladder, pancreas, or bile duct.

Hemolytic anemia: 

In this type of anemia, red blood cells die prematurely. This leads to a greater amount of destroyed red blood cells producing bilirubin. Diseases that can contribute to hemolytic anemia include lupus, sickle cell anemia, lymphoma, or leukemia.


An elevated level of bilirubin can be a side effect of some medications. Some drugs lower the uptake of bilirubin in the liver, raising the levels. Other drugs affect the secretion of bile, further contributing to the elevated levels of bilirubin.

Statins, Norco, Vicodin, Aulin, Mesulid

The Irish Medicines Board has suspended products containing an anti-inflammatory substance called nimesulide.

Medicines containing nimesulide are used to treat acute pain including period pains and osteoarthritis.

Tablets and granules marketed under the names Aulin and Mesulid can no longer be sold or marketed.

The IMB says liver damage is a rare but serious adverse effect that has been observed with nimesulide.

Since nimesulide was first licensed in Ireland in 1995, there have been 53 liver-related adverse reaction reports.

The IMB advises patients who have been prescribed Aulin or Mesulid to stop taking the drug immediately and return to a doctor for a review.

The IMB has these helpline numbers: Freephone 1-800-251054, or (01) 634 3555.

Transfusion reaction: 

During a blood transfusion, you can have an allergic reaction that causes the immune system to destroy red blood cells. When a large amount of red blood cells becomes destroyed, it results in higher bilirubin levels.

What to avoid:

Alcohol Addiction


Refined Sugars, Processed Foods





FLUORIDE – oral care and water should be fluoride free


IRON – to eliminate iron and get all the enzymes you need for iron absorption eat raw



Vaccines loaded with Aluminum



STRESS – CBD oil regulates stress level to minimum and raises dopamine in brain







white chicken, wild non-fatty fish  (orange roughie, tuna, pollock, mahi mahi, cod, hake, haddock, sole and flounder.

Tuna and Cod are especially good options if you are trying to maximize your protein intake, since they are among the fish highest in protein per calorie.

Choose Tuna or Pollock if you are trying to maximize your omega-3 fats while minimizing total fat consumption.

RED FRUITS & VEGGIES – Red peppers (cooked), Tomatoes (puree, juice in glass jars), Papaya, Grapefruit, Apples, Carrots, Beets

GREEN LEAFY VEGGIES – artichokes, celery, dandelion, alfalfa, spinach

CEREALS (with more than 2gr fiber)


Black cumin (1tbsp twice a day), Oil Pilling morning and night with 1tbsp

Marine Phytoplankton

MILK THISTLE – 1 dropper twice a day

LEGUMES – Lentils, Red, Black, Kidney beans

PECANS, WALNUTS – Pecans & walnuts do contain most  iron inhibitors, which will reduce your absorption of all of that iron, as do all nuts. Cooking the pecans will help reduce the iron inhibitors (notably phytic acid), so do not cook if you have iron overload, soak instead for 4-6hr. If you cant absorb iron, first cleanse liver, colon and start soaking nuts and seeds so you can benefit from the digestive enzymes. 

COFFEE & GREEN TEA – 1 cup each per day

SELENIUM – Dematiaceous Earth, nuts, beans

MAGNEZIUM – spinach, seeds, black beans, magnesium spray topically

ZINC – Dark chocolate, white mushrooms, pumpkin & squash seeds

VIT  E (as tocotrienol only)– foods and sun, no supplements for men, women can take 200mg + daily as supplements

Colloidal Silver & DMSO (for better absorption)

Enemas – Because your liver dumps its toxins into your colon, you want to make sure the colon is open and in perfect working order to move all those toxins out quickly. Interestingly, pimples are usually a sign of needing an enema and needing to help support your liver.

Small frequent meals every 2-3 hr, no heavy meals before bed, after 6 only snacks with natural sugars